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St Joseph's Furniture Market


Open Saturday Mornings
9am until 12:30pm


Parish Centre & Hall Consultation

The Finance Committee has reviewed the condition of the Parish Centre and Hall and it has become urgent that the parish now makes a decision as to what should be done. Three options were proposed in our New Year Newsletter. The committee has an open mind on which option to take and would like your ideas, especially as to what you want from your Parish Centre/Hall for the future. Please submit your feedback in writing via email to pastoral@stjosephs.org.uk or via letter to the Parish Office, marked “Parish Centre/Hall Consultation”. Please could we have your views and ideas by 5pm on Wednesday, 14 February.



The bonus Christmas 200 Club was drawn by Fr Michael and the lucky winners are:

1st Peter Miller
2nd Malcolm Johnstone
3rd Patricia Garrett
4th Nicki Ferdenzi


It's not to late to join, simply read the Enrolment Details then complete and return the Membership Form to the Parish Office. You will then be included in the next draw. 50% of the income generated goes to the parish and the other 50% is paid out in prizes to lucky winners.

"If you're not in you can't win!"