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Parish Consultation

We would like to improve St Joseph’s Cemetery. A lot of work has been done already, but the grounds, several gravestones and the mausoleum need attention. Also, the cemetery is now full, with limited space in family plots.


We propose to upgrade the entrance (see below), providing a better, more distinctive gate which lines up with the war memorial and mausoleum.

Furthermore, we suggest building a memorial wall opposite the entrance, adjacent to the Furniture Market (see below).

This wall would provide space for commemorative plaques and could be constructed so as to accommodate vaults for the interment of ashes (see below). 

Parishioners are invited to consider this concept and comments are welcomed. Please submit your feedback in writing via email to pastoral@stjosephs.org.uk or via letter to the Parish Office, marked “Cemetery Consultation”. This consultation period remains open until 12 noon on Friday, 26th May.


Our 24-7 Prayer Room in the centre of Chalfont St Peter is open to everyone. This prayer space has been formed by local churches for the local community. A place to seek God, to pour out our hearts in intercession for our community, our churches and our world.

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