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The Mikes on Bikes have returned safely from cycling the Camino Way (Camino del Norte) from Bilbao to Santiago de Compostela. The terrain was really challenging as the Northern Camino route is the most mountainous of all ten routes. The weather started off a boiling 36o and it took nearly a week to cool down! The highlight of the trip was a visit from injured Mike Claridge; he had an operation a few days after we’d left and two days later he glided past us on a bike with his arm in a sling and a smile on his face. The “Mikes” were very pleased with themselves. .

They are raising funds for the The London and Slough Run who help the homeless and people in need. To find out what they got up to, check out their Camino Norte Blog.

Donations can be made by card online via JustGivingThanks to everyone who has supported this worthy cause.



Charles Whitehead gave a talk recently about the Catholic Charismatic Renewal over the last 50 years.  He shared with us the story of the renewing work of the Holy Spirit – from the early days, the challenges and all that has happened leading up to the present day with Pope Francis.


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Our 24-7 Prayer Room in the centre of Chalfont St Peter is open to everyone. This prayer space has been formed by local churches for the local community. A place to seek God, to pour out our hearts in intercession for our community, our churches and our world.

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