Effective administration is vital to the efficiency of the parish.  Whilst the Parish Office is at the forefront of all things organisational, there is a team of volunteers also working in the background on administrative matters.  Their aim is to make the most of available resources when serving our local community and ministering to it.  This includes the day-to-day running of the parish and planning for its future.

Parish Register

The Parish Register is a list of all the individuals and families in the parish.  It is used for Diocesan statistics and reporting, as well as being a primary communications resource.  The information gathered helps us communicate and target the wide variety of activities we have available.  This data is kept secure and is only used for parish related work and communications.

To register as a member of St Joseph’s Parish, or to change your existing registration information, please take a few moments and complete our Online Registration Form.  If you have any questions, or have a special need, please contact the Parish Office.


Gift Aid

Make your donation to the church go further at no extra cost to you.  Gift Aid is a Government run scheme that allows us to reclaim the tax on your donation.  For every £1 you donate, we get an extra 25p back, significantly increasing the value of your donation.  The only condition is that you are a UK taxpayer.

Gift Aid Declaration Forms can be printed below, with paper copies available from the Parish Office.  It takes just a few minutes to complete this short form and once completed, the parish can then reclaim the tax on donations made via Offertory Envelopes or by Standing Order.

Gift Aid Declaration Form
Please read carefully then complete and return to the Parish Office

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions and/or direct any queries to our Gift Aid Co-ordinator, Teresa Evans at or via the Parish Office.